Not everything has to be bought new. Rental and repair can be good alternatives too. It’s a way to save money without sacrificing useful things. If you rent products only when you need them, you will have more space for other things and always have the right thing in the right place. You will help the environment by saving on unnecessary amounts of waste and help yourself by saving on the disposal costs. You will also be saving resources.

We help you to find on the address of establishments offering a repair and rent service in the main product group (for example, “machines and household appliances”). On the one hand you can find the details of your respective repair problem on the detail page of the company at or you can find out more by contacting the company listed in the search result. Our search engine thus provides you with an orientation so that you can clarify additional repair options in Luxembourg. In addition, by contacting the companies, you provide the important information that the repair service is expressly requested by customers.

„After sale service“ – plan on your purchase!

Sustainable consumption also includes the ease of repairing quality products. This assumes that the buyer can deliver defective equipment to a dealer for repair. Therefore, please pay attention to the repair specialist service of the Luxembourg dealers when purchasing and ask before buying specifically to determine whether such a “after sale service” for the respective product in the point of sale is possible and available.

Reparatur ist Klimaschutz!

Wer Produkte länger verwendet, schont Ressourcen und schützt das Klima. Jedes Jahr länger zählt, wie eine Studie zeigt! Langlebige Konstruktion und Reparatur sind also wichtige Lösungen für die Zukunft!

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Why Flécken a Léinen ?

Although progress has been made on sustainability and environmental protection in recent times, there is still a lot more work to be done. Humanity is still consuming more energy and raw materials than we can sustain in the long term. Most of all, it is the industrialised countries that have a particular responsibility in this. Because, to maintain our standard of living, we are the ones that contribute the most to both the consumption of resources and also to global environmental pollution. To guarantee good living conditions in the future for all of humanity, our cooperation is essential.


It pays to repair

Back when products were tough and easy to dismantle, and before they were so prone to trends in fashion, people didn’t even think twice about repairing them. Nowadays, customers can choose for themselves between buying a throw-away product for a cheap price, or buying a long-lasting, high-quality product that will pay off in the long term.

Things you must consider if you want to have something repaired:

  • Describe the fault as accurately as possible and explicitly agree (preferably in writing) what should be repaired.
  • Bring the operating instructions, if available.
  • Request a price quotation.
  • Ask how long the repair will take.


Don’t buy it, rent it!

Whether you need tools or gardening equipment such as a lawnmower or a power saw, or sometimes you require a vehicle trailer or a gown for a special occasion. Whether it’s just neighbours lending things to help each other out, or a professional rental supplier – rental saves on space and money and in many cases it is a sensible way of sharing the use of durable goods.

Things you must consider for this:

  • If you are signing a rental agreement, look at the small print: Is the item covered by insurance? Who is liable for any damage? What would it cost if you exceed the rental period?
  • Make sure the item is clean and in good working order when you receive it and also when you return it.
  • Handle the rented product as if it were your own, i.e. with care.

How can I identify companies that participate in “Flécken a Léinen”?

Participating companies can be identified by the “Flécken a Léinen” sticker.